FAQ Retailers

FAQ about Hang

1How much weight can the Hang carry?
Hang is fully capable of carrying up to 1kg of weight with ease. Hang's lifting ability can be reduced if the magnetic surface is wet, or too thin.
2What types of bottles works with Hang (the velcro band)?
Hang works with all types of beverage containers, with a diameter of maximum 90 mm (3.54 in). The ideal bottle should be round, and with a diameter between 70 mm (2.76 in) to 90 mm (3.54 in).
3What is the delivery time?
Delivery times are usually from 2-4 weeks with Depending on the customers place of residence and the size of the order. For more inquiries contact via Mail or Phone.
4How long Hang will last?
Hang is made of High-Quality materials, carefully chosen to last many workouts. We cannot tell you exactly for how many years the magnetic bottle holder will last but Niclas, the owner of the company is still using the first product Hang and it’s still as good as new.
5Where I can place Hang?
Our magnetic bottle holder can be placed on every metallic surface and has a strong hold. Basically, everything is made from metal in the gym and thereby you can be creative where you’ll place Hang.
6How is Hang gonna make my business better?
Hang is constantly changing position in the gym therefore it’s a great place to host your logo or brand name on it. We can share the space on the Velcro strap or we can place only your brand name or logo on it. You decide.
7How can I order Hang?
If you want to become a retailer you just need to contact us directly or you can send us a request by using this form and we will offer you all the information needed.

FAQ about the ClimbStation

1How much space do you need for ClimbStation?
ClimbStation is 150 cm wide and has a 6,4 meters long climbing surface and requires 200 cm x 400 cm (6,5 x 13 Ft.) floor space and 3,5 meters (11,5 Ft.) ceiling height.
2How much energy does a ClimbStation consume?
ClimbStation works with 24V / 2A energy input. The transformer is included and works in all outlets
3How long is the warranty for the ClimbStation?
The ClimbStation has a warranty of 5 years on all parts.
4Who will be in charge or the transportation and installation?
The transportation fee is in charge of the client and the installation service is included in the price. The on-site assembly which is supplied by a local Authorized ClimbStation Representative (ACR) in case available, or to be done any person who has received our official product training.
5What is the maintenance process of the ClimbStation?
ClimbStation requires very little maintenance, the product is robust and built to last. However, as in all climbing walls, the handholds (grips) are suggested to be replaced after a time of heavy usage and basic cleaning is mandatory to keep the unit fresh and appealing. Depending on usage it is recommended to use a lubricant on the moving parts such as chain, hydraulic cylinder heads (ball bearing joints) and nylon guiding rails a few times a year depending on usage.
6Can I personalize the ClimbStation?
The ClimbStation can be customized by adding some extra parts, such as adjustable wheels, Strong protective cover for transportation or storage. Also, the design can be personalized by adding a full size custom printed image on mattress surface or a full size custom Image, printed on the rotating climbing belt surface. The ClimbStation is available in three standard colours: grey, white and black or can be customized and have it in your custom colour or special material such as stainless steel.
7How can I order the ClimbStation?
If you want to purchase the ClimbStation you just need to contact us directly or you can send us a request by using this form and we will offer you all the information needed.