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Here you can see Hang in action. Strong and useful magnetic bottle holder .

Hang – the perfect bottle holder

Hang is a revolutionary gym gadget that we've carefully designed and thoroughly tested to make your workout more efficient.

It is magnetic bottle holder made of a Velcro strap with a powerful magnet that can be adapted to fit nearly all drinking bottles and thermoses, which makes it possible to hang your bottle on most machines and equipment in the gym – thereby always having it at an easily reachable height. Since Hang is a magnetic bottle holder, it can be used anywhere in the gym and you can attach your bottle/thermos to almost all machines and stands in the gym. If you keep in mind these few instructions, you will be amazed at with what this water bottle holder can do for you at the gym:

  • Tighten Hang strongly around your beverage container
  • Tilt your bottle upwards and Hang will detach easily from where it is attached
  • Our bottle holder is fully capable of carrying up to 1 kg of weight with ease

Components of Hang

Power is a major formative concept behind the design of Hang. The main source of power for Hang, the bottle holder, is the strong neodymium magnet core, gently encapsulated by a layer of TPU rubber, both strong and flexible with maximum resistance to abrasions and dirt. The rubber coated Velcro strap keeps your bottle securely fastened within Hang, ensuring that there is no risk of spilling your drink.

We deliver Hang in a stylish transparent pipe together with a keychain and a handy user manual. The keychain is a highly versatile tool and can even be fastened to your bath towel for your convenience.


With the Hang bundle-pack, you will experience the maximum freedom to focus on your goals without interrupting your training or worrying about your keys, everything will be kept together safe and sound by this perfect magnetic bottle holder.