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At Hang Products we put effort in the things we do because we want to provide the best service possible for our customers. We pride ourselves in doing our business transparently and always showing our core values as a company. We enjoy being an active and a productive member of the society by providing products which are useful and innovative. Our products are gym gadgets that make your everyday life a piece of cake! As a result of our hard work, several newspapers have spoken about us on their platforms. The articles are in Danish since Hang is a Danish company, but they can be easily translated. In the articles you will find information regarding the company and the products that we sell. You will also read more about Niclas Møller, the man behind Hang. Hang, the magnetic bottle holder attracted the attention thanks to its characteristics, small but extremely useful. it is also affordable and made with high quality materials, carefully chosen to create the best gym bottle holder. If you would like to know more about Hang Products and the people behind the scenes you can read our story here:

We also would like to thank the media pages that showed interest in our story and decided to publish it on their online platforms. We are also happy that all the effort that we put in the ideation and development of the product was appreciated both by journalists and our clients.