Meet the inventor behind SmartHang

In 2016 I started educating myself in the Danish design Company Vola A/S as a metal and iron welder. Vola is known throughout Denmark for their high-quality Danish Design products. At Vola, I started by studying robot programming and continued to work for the company for the next 10 years.

At a young age, I discovered that I had trouble with my back. After many visits and consultations with different doctors, we reached a conclusion that I should start working out. After my first trip to the gym, I was amazed by the atmosphere and quickly got deeply interested in fitness. Over the years I gained strength in both my body and mind and saw what a positive change a healthy lifestyle made in my life.

Suddenly, one day at the gym I noticed how the gym floors were filled with water bottles and how people were almost tripping over them, one thing that particularly caught my mind was that I noticed how they bent forward in an inconvenient way to the floor every time they wanted to pick and place their bottle. Basically, nobody bent down on their legs the “right” way. Not even myself, despite my awareness of how I should look out for my fragile back.

So right there on the gym floor, I got an idea!

Since magnetism has always fascinated me with its levitating ability it became clear to me that there was a more convenient and a simply smarter way to place the bottles. Then I decided to follow my passion and I took a chance, while I was working my full-time job at Vola I started focusing on my idea, working hard late evenings after work. It took me less than a year to develop the perfect product that is known as Hang. In order to deliver a product that I personally could vouch for I took a trip to China and visited several manufacturers to find the right bottle that lived up to the Danish high-quality standards.

Together with the magnetic strap -we created the perfect fitness water bottle.

Nowadays, I have been getting so much credit from people who have back issues themselves or are under rehabilitation from accidents. One thing that particularly makes me appreciate the hard work I have put in so far is the large group of pregnant women who are grateful for being able to pick and place their Hang right in front of them in a user-friendly height everywhere at the gym.

Hang Products-Niclas