Components of SmartHold

Power is a major formative concept behind the design of Hang. The main source of power for Hang, the bottle holder, is the strong neodymium magnet core, gently encapsulated by a layer of TPU rubber, both strong and flexible with maximum resistance to abrasions and dirt.

The rubber coated Velcro strap keeps your bottle securely fastened within Hang, ensuring that there is no risk of spilling your drink.

Our keychain is multifunctional and can be attached to your bath towel to make showering at the gym hassle-free.

A simple life is a happy life. Losing your gym locker key is now a thing of the past. SimpleChain is made from a strip of rubber coated Velcro and is therefore easily attached any part of the Hang or even to your towel for convenience while showering. The key-ring keeps track of your key, so you can focus more on your workout and less on keeping track of your important items.

Limitless Bottle by Hang Products

Limitless is our elegant drinking bottle, made of high-quality materials with a smooth design.We all know how unhygienic the push/pull rubber top of regular drinking bottles can be and that’s why we have chosen to produce our gym water bottle with a different design, which is both more hygienic and much easier to drink from. We replaced the rubber top with a hole to guide the content out, and a small hole to guide air in, which makes the bottle a lot more convenient to use. Both holes are sealed by the top lid. And of course, our Limitless gym bottle it’s free of BPA. The bottle has a standard size 650ml/24 oz because we think it is exactly what you need for your workout session.

Product FAQ

Hang is fully capable of carrying up to 1kg of weight with ease. Hang’s lifting ability can be reduced if the magnetic surface is wet, or too thin.

Hang works with all types of beverage containers, with a diameter of maximum 90 mm (3.54 in). The ideal bottle should be round, and with a diameter between 70 mm (2.76 in) to 90 mm (3.54 in).

Hang is made of High-Quality materials, carefully chosen to last many workouts. We cannot tell you exactly for how many years the magnetic bottle holder will last but Niclas, the owner of the company is still using the first product Hang and it’s still as good as new.