#Join the Revolution

The Magnetic
Bottle Holder

SmartHold by Hangproducts is a revolutionary magnetic bottle holder made of a Velcro strap with a powerful magnet that can be adapted to fit nearly all drinking bottles and thermoses, which makes it possible to hang your bottle on most machines and equipment in the gym – thereby always having it at an easily reachable height. It can be used anywhere in the gym and you can attach your bottle/thermos to almost all machines and stands in the gym. If you keep in mind these few instructions, you will be amazed at with what this water bottle holder can do for you at the gym:


Attach any bottle

Tighten SmartHang strongly around any one liter beverage container.


Powerful Magnet

Hangs on most gym equiptment and other magnetic surfaces

SmartHold on transparent bottle

Key-chain component

Multifunctional keychain can be attached to your bath towel to make showering at the gym hassle-free.


No more bending

Reduce the amount of bending by always having your waterbootle within reach.​