Limitless Bottle

  • BPA free
  • Hygenic lid component
  • Shakerball included
  • 650 ml /24 oz

Limitless is an elegant drinking bottle, made of high-quality materials with a smooth design. We all know how unhygienic the push/pull rubber top of regular drinking bottles can be and that’s why we have chosen to produce our gym water bottle with a different design, which is both more hygienic and much easier to drink from.

We replaced the rubber top with a hole to guide the content out, and a small hole to guide air in, which makes the bottle a lot more convenient to use. Both holes are sealed by the top lid. And of course, our Limitless gym bottle it’s free of BPA. The bottle has a standard size of 650 ml/24 oz because we think it is exactly what you need for your workout session.


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