• Attach any bottle
  • Powerful Magnet
  • Key-chain component
  • No more bending

Power is a major formative concept behind the design of Hang. The main source of power for Hang, the bottle holder, is the strong neodymium magnet core, gently encapsulated by a layer of TPU rubber, both strong and flexible with maximum resistance to abrasions and dirt.

The rubber-coated Velcro strap keeps your bottle securely fastened within Hang, ensuring that there is no risk of spilling your drink.

The keychain is multifunctional and can be attached to your bath towel to make showering at the gym hassle-free.

A simple life is a happy life. Losing your gym locker key is now a thing of the past. SimpleChain is made from a strip of rubber-coated Velcro and is therefore easily attached any part of the Hang or even to your towel for convenience while showering. The key-ring keeps track of your key, so you can focus more on your workout and less on keeping track of your important items.


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